I'm so excited to share that I am taking a leap into the world of podcasting! "Let's Get Coffee" is my passion project that was inspired by the dozens of incredible journalists I've had the pleasure to work with and meet throughout my young career.

The podcast features interviews with women of color in media, but is certainly valuable for all who listen!

The name, "Let's Get Coffee," is a nod to the age-old invitation often heard in corporate America for an informal meeting over a cup of joe. Now, whether you decide to actually buy coffee (as opposed to tea or something else) is entirely up to you. 😉

High school was when I started reaching out to industry professionals to shadow them in their newsroom and ask them my burning questions about their career.

My first informational or "coffee meeting" was with NY1 anchor Cheryl Wills. I emailed Wills asking if I could interview her for my high school’s newspaper. Sure enough, she agreed! I met her at the NY1 newsroom in Manhattan and that day my love for journalism was born.


Since then, I’ve continued to cross paths with journalists and media moguls who inspire me each and every day. What I enjoy most about these intimate sessions is 1.) I get to meet new people who can offer insightful advice and, 2.) I leave feeling inspired, like I can conquer the world!

Not to mention the GEMS! I’m talking spot-on advice, positive affirmations and sayings like this one I got from Hoda Kotb when I was interning at the Today Show: “You might be the juiciest orange in the bowl, but not everyone likes oranges. So, screw them!” 

It’s my hope that this podcast will do for you what these coffee meetings have done for me: inspire and empower.

[Check out this awesome article from Fast Company on how to make the most out of your next coffee meetup.]


Thank you grandma Ann Angrum for funding my Blue Yeti USB Microphone to record these podcasts! Thank you Samantha Lee for designing the “Let’s Get Coffee with Kay” logo and animated GIF! Thank you Madison Mills, Fernando Hurtado and Rachel Scott for being the amazing friends that you are and lending your voice to the introduction of this podcast, which you can listen to below (or here.)